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BEST-KNU Scholarships


Through the attraction of excellent foreign graduate students, foster the quality of professors’ researches and improve the status of graduate students

Expected number of recipients and application details

  • Around 10 students for Chuncheon and Samcheok Campus each semester.
  • If you have any question, please ask the Office of International Affairs (250-6985).
Application period
  • Application is possible during the baseline application period for foreign graduate students
Application procedure
  • Student: follow the procedure for regular entrance application
  • Advising professor: submit to the Office of International Affairs the application form and the plan for payment of the student’s support fee (including proof)

Supporting details for graduate students

  • Around 10 students for Chuncheon and Samcheok Campus each semester
  • Full scholarship (tuition fees, insurance), support four semesters for master/doctoral courses, eight semesters for combined course

Responsibilities of the advising professor

  • Dormitory fee (including meals) payment or payment of the required amount to the student
  • Support at least 200,000 won allowance per month

Requirements for BEST-KNU application

  • The student must have obtained a 80/100 score or be in the 20% best during the last year in his previous school
  • Students from non-English speaking country must provide TOPIK 3 or higher. (It is necessary to acquire over TOPIK level 4 before graduation) or with the English Proficiency Test Score (TOFLE530, CBT197, iBT71, IELTS 5.5, CEFR B2, TEPS 600, NEW TEPS 327, TOEIC 700)

It is unnecessary for the applicants from the countries whose native language is English (US, Canada, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland).

BEST-KNU applicants should earn over 6 credits for late semester and meet the minimum on GPA (over average 3.5) to receive the scholarship