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Buddy Program


Students from partner universities invited as exchange students can receive the help of a Korean student volunteer during one semester in order to get acclimated more easily to Korean life and Korean culture.

Application Period

June (for the second semester), December (for the first semester)

Application Requirements

Enterprising and responsible enrolled students mastering a foreign language

Selection Process

  • First round: documents screening, second round: interview (interview concerning the personality of the applicant and short conversation in a foreign language)
  • When applying, choose between Chinese, Japanese, and English the language you prefer

Number of Participants

According to the number of new exchange students

Benefits and Obligations

  • After the end of the program, and before the end of the semester, submit an activity report (fill the given form, one page with the activities schedule and activities content)
  • Activities reported will be recognized on the KNU Portal as volunteer activities
  • Participants will get one credit (Subject of Social Volunteering: Pass/Fail)

Main Activities

  • Guidance concerning the entry and exiting of the dormitory and university facilities
  • Guidance concerning class registration • student card • dormitory fees • filling of documents
  • Help for class work and language exchange
  • Food tour, visit of Seoul, home-stay, karaoke, spectacle, sport etc.