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Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations

1. Failure and Restriction for registration
  1. Failure [in case you find yourself at least in one of the following cases]:
    • When the average score is less than 70%
    • When the attendance rate is less than 80%
    • When the average score is over 70% but got score less than 40% in more than one course.
  2. Restriction to register:
    Leaving Korea before the end of the Semester
    - Acting against the Korean Law [when you commit a crime]
2. Warning-Expulsion-Returning home :

In case you are subject to a warning, expulsion or return action, any document relating to the previous semester and the visa will not be issued.

  1. The sponsor or guardian of the student will be informed when the student fails once, and if he fails 3 times, it will result to an expulsion.
  2. Unauthorized absence for more than 10 days, the student will be reported to the Immigration Office as an illegal resident and will be asked to leave the country.
  3. In a month, if a student gets less than 80% of attendance score, he will be warned, and if at the end of the end of the semester his attendance score is less than 80%, then this will result into a failure.
  4. During class, if a student’s attitude has a bad influence on the teacher or other students, he will be warned up to 2 times, and if there is no improvement, then it will result into an expulsion.
3. Other information
  1. At the end of every semester, your Teacher will give you the specific information about applying for the next semester, or leaving the country, and if you are planning to pursue your studies here, you have to consider the deadline of the application period and pay the tuition fee on time.
  2. While studying, it is restricted to leave the country temporary before the end of the semester. For some special cases, the student may be allowed to leave the country after getting permission from the Director of the KNU ILI.
  3. KNU ILI students can have a part-time job within the time and at the specific places mentioned by the Korean Immigration Law.
    (You are not allowed to work at a part-time job in 6months after you come to Korea.)
  4. After starting class, the student cannot withdraw from class or move to another the educational institution.
  5. Refund can be made only before the beginning of the Semester not during a semester, and for the student who has been expelled from school or from the country, there will be no refund.
  6. In case of failure, registration limit, expulsion, etc, all the instructors have to gather and after that, make a final decision.