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Visa Information

D-4 General Trainee

  • You are required to apply for a student VISA at the Korean Embassy in your country with admission certificate issued by a Korean language center.
  • Generally, it takes a month to get the VISA and is valid for usually six months. If you want to stay after your VISA expires, you must sign up to the language center and get a copy of enrollment certificate and apply again.

D-4 VISA Application for the Chinese Students

  • You are required to send all documents to the school (language center) you want to apply for. The school will screen your documents and inform you of the result. Those who receive admission must pay tuition fee to school. The school goes to Immigration Office to apply for D-4 VISA for the student with a standard admission certificate, tuition fee payment receipt, academic-related document and financial documents ONLY AFTER it confirmed the student paid the tuition fee.
  • When Immigration Office informs the school of the application number for the Application Confirmation for VISA Issuance, the school checks the number and notifies to the student. The student is advised to get the number, apply for D-4 VISA at the concerned Korean Embassy in his/her country, and arrive in Korea according to the semester schedule.

Required Documents for D-4 Visa

  • A valid Passport ( a copy of passport in case of VISA issuance application)
  • Application confirmation for VISA Issuance
  • 1 Passport size photo (3.5cm * 4.5cm)
  • Standard admission certificate
  • Tuition payment receipt
  • Business license
  • Diploma (graduation certificate) or enrollment certificate
  • - Financial statement (official bank statement OR local remittance statement OR money exchange transaction statement of more than US$9,000)