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Join [Culture Day]

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  • 작성일 2021.12.09

We're looking forward to hearing from applicants who are interested in introducing their countries or showing off their talents at the talent show. Please contact us by the application deadline if you are willing to share your presentation or talents with the other participants from around the world. We'll reply back to you in case we have more applicants than expected.

Contact email will be sent to you after you are nominated by your home university.

● Option 1)  “In My Country” (Presentation of your country)                                                             

○ Duration / language : 10-15 minutes in English                                                        

○ Presentation Tool : PPT

○ Content                                                                                  

   - You should present your country. You may want to include symbols that represent it and information related to culture, such as basic language, food, top tourist hot spots, fashion or traditional clothing, instruments, and any other important features you can think of

   - Including audience participation in short pop quizzes will add some fun and help the audience to stay engaged.                                

○ Notes                                                                                     

  - You can include a short video clip (must be less than 3 minutes)                                              

  - When preparing your PPT slides, please use original fonts since new fonts may not show up properly and may make it impossible or difficult to open and view your PPT      


● Option 2)  Talent Show                                                                                     

○ Content : Any talent is acceptable (ex: dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, etc.)              

○ Duration : 5-15 minutes (flexible)                                                                          

○ Notes

  - Using traditional clothing or musical instruments from your country would be a welcome addition to your talent demonstration 

  - You can join this event individually or as a team with your friends.

  - Keep in mind that you should test your microphone and speaker and check the volume to ensure that participants will be able to hear you.