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Special Korean Language Program

Short-term Course

  • Applicants :  Korean language majors at foreign universities with a sisterhood relationship with KNU and international residents in Korea
  • Period :  
  • Class Period :  3 weeks, Mon through Fri, 09:00~13:00
  • Class Hours :  60hours in total (Regular Classes + Field Trips)

TOPIK(Test of Proficiency In Korean) INTERMEDIATE - LEVEL CLASS

  • Period :  6 weeks
  • Time :  (Imtermidiate and Advance)Mon,Wed,Thu 16:00~17:50
  • class :   Intermidiate, Advanced
  • registration period :  Inquiry
  • Tuition fee :  160,000 WON

    The course will be canceled if the applicants are less than 7 people.

Korean Language evening programs

  • The Evening Program is designed for foreign professors, teachers, businessmen and anyone who cannot participate in the Regular Program due to their daytime work. The program focuses on enhancing communication proficiency in Korean, which is essential for foreigners living in Korea.
  • Period :  10 weeks. (2 times a year, March, September)
  • Tuition fee :  360,000KRW
  • Time :  6:30 - 9:20 PM (Mon, Thu)
  • Textbook :  To be determined after class has started.
  • Guide for the 2013 Fall Semester Korean Language Program Evening Class
  • Placement Test : One week before the starting day (Wednesday), at 1pm in the KNU Division of Language Education Building on 2nd floor.
    ※ For any other questions, please send us an E-mail on