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Course introduction

This program is the Korean Language Course opened for foreigner and overseas Koreans who have graduated from high school. After the placement test is held, classes will be provided according to the student’s grade. The qualified faculty of the Korean Language Course will provide lectures using various teaching methods to help students improve their Korean communication skills while also offering them a variety of programs to experience the cultures and traditions of Korea.


Enrollment Schedule
 {Enrollment Schedule} - Semester, Submission of Application, Payment of Tuition Fees, Application Period (Application for D-4 Visa), Application Period (No Application for D-4 Visa) 
Semester Submission of
Payment of
Tuition Fees
Arrival Date Starting Date of
2021 Spring November 20, 2020 December 10, 2020 February 27, 2021 March 5, 2021
2021 Fall June 30, 2020* July 10, 2020 August 31, 2021 September 3, 2021

Applicants from Uzbekistan and Vietnam should submit application and documents 4 month before the admission in consideration of their visa issuance schedule.

Lecture Schedule
 {Academic Schedule} - Term, Lecture Dates, Vacation 
Term Lecture Dates Vacation
2021 Spring March 5 – May 14 May 15 - May 21
2021 Summer May 21 – August 1 August 2 - September 2
2021 Fall September 3 – November 15 November 16 - November 20
2021 Winter November 21 – February 1 February 2 – March 3

Educational Course

Lecture Hours
 {Study Hours} - Term, Period, Lecture Time / 1 Week, Lecture Time / 1 Day, Total Hours 
Term Period Lecture Time / 1 Week Lecture Time / 1 Day Total Hours
2021 Spring 10 weeks 20 hours 4 hours 200 hours
2021 Summer 10 weeks 20 hours 4 hours 200 hours
2021 Fall 10 weeks 20 hours 4 hours 200 hours
2021 Winter 10 weeks 20 hours 4 hours 200 hours
 {Timetable} - Morning, Lunch, Afternoon 
Morning Lunch Afternoon
09:00 – 11:50 11:50 – 13:00 13:00 – 14:00
Attendance and Evaluation

To complete the course, students must have an attendance rate of 80% or higher. For absence due to reasons of illness and injury, contact the school in advance and submit evidential documents such as medical records, doctor’s notes, etc. for official approval.
Being late 3 times will be counted as 1 instance of an absence.


Scholarships are granted based on the student’s attendance rate and grades at the end of the semester.

How to Apply

Enrollment Process
  1. Submission of application and relevant documents
  2. Notification of results
  3. Payment of tuition fees
  4. Issuance of Certificate of Admission
  5. Issuance of visa (D-4) by the local Korean Embassy
  6. Arrival to Korea
Account for Tuition Fees
  • Account Holder: Kangwon National University Samcheok Campus
  • Bank: Kookmin Bank
  • Swift Address (Code): CZNBKRSEXXX
  • Account No.: 312201-04-253456

Send under the applicant’s name

Send the remittance invoice via email or fax after paying the tuition fees

Required Documents
  • Application (in Korean, English)
  • Letter of Introduction and Study Plans (in Korean, English)
  • A copy of passport
  • Certificate of Deposit Balance of over USD 9,000
  • Passport photo x 3 ea (3.5 x 4.5cm, white background)
  • Notarization from Apostille or the Korean Embassy is required for Certificate of Degree from last school attended and Certificate of Graduation
  • Certificate of Family Relations
  • Result of tuberculosis examination issued by a hospital appointed by the Korean Embassy
  • Certificate of Career and Certificate of Employment (if applicable)

All documents must be translated into Korean or English and receive notarization for translation.

Original copies of all documents must be submitted to the address below.

The submitted documents will not be returned.

Submission of additional documents may be requested in the screening process.

  • Address : (25913) Office of International Relations, 910, Green Energy Research Center, Kangwon National University, 346, Jungang-ro, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
  • Phone : +82-33-570-6891
  • Email :
Refund Policy
  • The application fee is not refundable.
  • The tuition fees are not refundable once the semester begins.
  • D-4 Visa Holders: The tuition fees for two semesters, which are the minimum required semesters to be completed, is not refundable.
    If canceled before completing the two semesters, the tuitions fees are not refundable.
  • If a student is returning to their home country because the Office of International Relations judges that they are no longer capable of continuing their studies, a refund will be made by calculating the remaining hours of lectures on a daily basis. The refund will be remitted to the student’s account after the student returns to their home country. If a student is dismissed from school due to accumulated mark-ps and violation of school rules, no refund will be made.

Visa Extension and Alien Registration

Visa (D-4)

Visa must be issued by the local Korean Embassy. If eligible, D4 visa can be extended in units of 6-months.

Alien Registration

All foreigners must have a Alien Registration Card issued within 30 days of entry.

  • District Office: Chucheon Immigration Office Donghae Branch
  • Required Documents: Application, passport photo x 1 ea (3.5*4.5cm, white background), passport, Certificate of Enrollment, Certificate of Residence, commission fee of KRW 30,000
Visa Extension
  • District Office: Chucheon Immigration Office Donghae Branch
  • Required Documents: Application, Alien Registration Card, Certificate of Tuition Payment, Certificate of Residence, commission fee of KRW 60,000
  • If the attendance rate from the previous semester was less than 80%, a Certificate of Deposit Balance of over KRW 6 million must be submitted.