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Student of the Month

(November 2022) Rachmi Luthfikasari (Department of Biosystems Engineering)

  • 작성자 국제교류처
  • 작성일 2022.11.21
  • 조회 134

1. Could you please briefly introduce yourself and your SCIE- class international academic journal? 

Hello. My name is Rachmi Luthfikasari and come from Indonesia. I’m enrolled in the master’s course in the Department of Biosystems Engineering. Last July, I published a review paper in Wiley’s 「Small」 journal with the title ‘Plant-actuated micro/nanorobotics platform: structural design, functional prospects, and biomedicalapplications’. The review contains the micro-nano robotics platform research development of plant structural and functional systems adaptation through strategic biomimetics.

2. Please introduce the concept and characteristics of your academic journal. 

In this review, I explained several possibilities to utilize the unique structures and physiological systems of plants (e.g., surface roughness, osmotically induced movements such as nastic and tropic, and energy conversion and harvesting) and adapt them into new emerging technologies through strategic biomimetic approaches such as nanoparticles, nanofibers, and their composites, nanoporous materials, and natural micromotors. Furthermore, these technologies can be utilized to design suitable materials for a micro–nanorobot platform, especially in biomedical applications in the future. The current research is developing a pollen-based antibacterial micro platform and will continue to develop plant-based material to support sustainable engineering.

3. What is the most difficult part of living in Korea for you? 

After came to Korea, I could write and read, but I couldn’t speak Korean. Even now, I put a lot of effort to increase my Korean speaking ability. And another difficulty is the food. I have restrictions on some kinds of food and have to be selective when I eat so sometimes I can’t go to some restaurants. But I faced the problem by cooking, and while living I could increase my cooking ability. That’s one good point I think. 

4. What is your most memorable memory while studying at KNU?

I met a lot of good friends here. Every time I have difficulties they are always ready to help me. I think because it’s not the capital city, live in here goes a bit slowly and the peoples are kind and friendly

5. What kind of place does KNU have in your life?

I like how strategic the KNU campus location is and how beautiful it is. It’s outside the capital but not that far from the capital. It’s also surrounded by beautiful landscapes suitable for living and a perfect place for study, especially in agricultural research, as KNU is established as one of the agricultural research development centers.

6. Please tell a few words for the students trying their best to be successful in life

There is no ‘late’ word in chasing dreams. Don’t be afraid to take any challenge, if you put a lot of hard work into it, sure we will be successful.